ARC Fine Art Department
Fine Art Photography
In the Photography area at ARC, we hone technical skills at the same time that we emphasize creative aspects of photography. Our classes range from traditional black and white film to digital and even cover alternative processes. Our classes explore photography as a fine art medium, challenging students in a variety of ways. For more detailed information on our certificate, classes, faculty, and links to our blogs and publications, go to our ARC Photography Website:

ArtPh 300 Basic Art Photography
ArtPh 305 Digital Photography
ArtPh 310 Intermediate Photography
ArtPh 315 Trends In Software and Social Media
ArtPh 320 Color Photography
ArtPh 340 Alternative Process Photography
ArtPh 350 Documentary Photography
ArtPh 360 Studio Lighting
ArtPh 370 Fashion Photography
ArtPh 375 Freelance Photography